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The joys of exams are just around the corner for many and we know how important they are for all students. Often there are quite a few subjects to juggle and it’s not always that easy to prioritise which subjects to focus on, but below we’ve got five top tips which we think will help you go from exam stress to exam success, even if you’re time strapped or have left it a little late to start preparing.

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5 ideas for your pre-Christmas break farewell

5 ideas for your pre-Christmas break farewell. Christmas is almost here, and whilst the break often offers much needed respite from university life, it is important to remember that you’ll be saying a fond farewell to your university pals, people you’ve had the pleasure of sharing the experience with every single day. Having your own Christmas celebration before you all depart is an excellent way to mark the occasion as well as get in the festive spirit for spending Christmas at home. In this blog post, we take a look at just 5 ideas for your pre-Christmas break farewell.

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a level results day

What to expect from A-Level results day

What to expect from A-Level results day
The big day is almost upon us! After years of hard work and what seems like an age waiting, A-Level results day is closer than ever. One of the most important, and pivotal, days you’ll face in your academic career so far, we’re certain that you’re of the mind-set that the 17th August 2017 couldn’t come quick enough but with promise also comes that nerve wracking anticipation.

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Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Superhero movies are always out at this time of year and Thor - Ragnarok is this summer’s blockbuster offering. But did you know we are now into phase three of the marvel film franchise. Here are some fun superhero film facts from the marvel cinematic universe.

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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is always a fun filled celebration and comes this year on Saturday 28th January. Did you know that the Chinese zodiac is based off a cycle of 12 animals? This year is the year of the rooster and here are some fun facts to share.

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The opening round of the 2016 MSA British Rally Championship takes place in Newtown. Using stages that form an integral part of Wales Rally GB, the World Rally Championship round this will prove to be a real test to the start of everyone’s campaign. Starting on Saturday night with two stages in the dark, this is no gentle bed into the new rallying season. Osian Pryce gives an insight to the stages; “the stages are familiar because of Rally GB but the likes of Pikes Peak, up by the wind farms is quite something. It is a couple of things, it is so steep you don’t think you are going that fast and then the road is SO wide that you feel you can showboat or play around. All of that costs you time, you have to very much stick to the line.” “As the trees and markers are so far away from the road, you don’t get a sensation of speed. That is until you arrive at a slow section and you need two feet on the brake pedal to slow you down!” “All of the stages here are special. Hafren is an all time classic; really tight in places, really fast in others but it can have a greasy surface that you have to watch. Mid-Wales is going to really start BRC for 2016.”

British Rally Championship 2016 Gets Underway

The weekend seen the Mid Wales stages get underway with Driver Alex Laffey and co-driver Andrew Roughead commencing their championship in the u-student sponsored Ford Fiesta R5 backed by CA1 Sport.

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18 images that will make you miss primary school

Now that we're basically adults, we've come to realise that primary school was actually pretty fun. The only thing better than going back in time to relive school are these images that make us wish we could return to such simple times.

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