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Part time job or no part time job that is the question

Part time job or no part time job? that is the question!

Contrary to popular belief, a part time job doesn’t have to be bad for your studies. In fact, if managed correctly, part time employment can complement or even enrich your university lifestyle. Particularly during your first year of study, part time employment can unlock a number of benefits, from refining those time management skills that will stand you in good stead for years to come to relieving those money stresses that are so commonly associated with student life.

Here we’ve compiled an essential guide so you can find the advice you need to decide whether a part time job is right for you and some vital tips on pinpointing the perfect part time job to fund your student lifestyle.

Why get a part time job when studying?

As well as providing an extra source of income alongside student finance and savings, a part time job is a great way to gain some new skills, which will always look great on your CV when finding a job post-graduation. Employers love to see candidates that can demonstrate great communication skills, team work and punctuality. Getting a little part time job at some retail outlet or coffee shop may seem insignificant to the bigger picture now, but may give you the edge you need over graduates that have no workplace experience. Juggling your degree with part time employment will also help you refine your organisational skills, another plus point for future employers.

A part time job offers a great opportunity to meet new people, giving you the chance to socialise with individuals outside of your student accommodation or university course.

Top tips for finding part time work

According to a recent survey conducted by Save the Student, the average university student suffers a £250 shortfall each month, which makes part time employment even more important. There are a variety of part time student jobs available, but remember you’ll be facing some stiff competition from your fellow students for the best positions. Give yourself a fighting chance with the following tips:

  • Avoid the Freshers’ Week rush – Everyone will be searching for a job during the first couple of weeks of the new term but by starting your search and putting in applications during the summer months you can hit the ground running.
  • Refresh your CV – Make sure your CV is up-to-date and looking sharp. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself and brag about your very best skills, qualities and experience, not forgetting to triple check the basics like your contact information.
  • Be a stand out applicant – Take the time to make your CV stand out. Volunteering, setting up your own website or helping out a family friend with their business during the summer months all count.
  • Get creative – You don’t have to go down the conventional route of part time working. There are tons of creative ways to earn money as a student, including eBay selling, blogging, flyering, writing reviews, becoming an extra and tutoring.

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