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February 2014

Top 10 Awesome Toppings for your Pancakes

With Shrove Tuesday coming up next week (yes, that’s right! Where has February gone?!) here at UStudent we have pancakes on the mind and on that note, we thought we’d share a few of our favourite pancake toppings with you lovely students! What follows are our top 10 favourite combos for the ultimate greedy pancake…

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No money means no graduation!

A University is being told to rethink their policy on banding students from graduation if they owe tuition fees or if they are in debt. Coventry University stop any students from graduating if they are in debts such as library fines, accommodation rent and nursery fees. A spokesman for the University said “as part of…

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How to Set Up an Effective Budget in Carlisle

Here at U Student Group we understand that being a student is an exciting time in your life, with parties, pubbing and clubbing all present. However, it is also a time that you will have to budget effectively, because being a student can be an expensive time in your life too. Below are some tips…

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the best six tv series for students to help you procrastinate

So, the student exam period is over, and with only the odd hand-in left on the horizon all that is left is the beautiful luxury of freedom. Sure, this rare but beloved spare time must be appreciated, but no one wants to be all physical and active with things like getting dressed or socialising. Television…

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