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All the latest news, reviews and events.

March 2014

Is this a prison or student accommodation?

Students in Macedonia have shared shocking images across the web of their dormitories, which look more like a prison than anything else. “The first thing you notice when you move into the dorms is that a lot of the furniture is broken or missing, so many students have to invest in new furnishings. Students pay…

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How can a plane go missing?

Questions are still being asked about what has happened to the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, At this very moment, no one knows what has happened.-was it a terrorist attack, mass suicide freak accident or a storm? The main questions that are being asked are: why did the plane make a sharp left turn? Did the…

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Affordable Nights Out

Many people consider their time as a student to be the happiest days of their life. You’re young, free, without responsibilities and it doesn’t take 3 days for you to recover from a night out. Of course, attending university is primarily about studying and getting a qualification to improve your career prospects, but you will…

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Tips to Help Students Maintain Positive Bank Balances

Whether it is your first, second or third year at university, it is often difficult to monitor and manage your funds effectively. Many students find themselves with negative figures in their bank accounts shortly after starting university, and many of them find it tough to clear their name and pay back their debts. The question…

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5 Tips For Avoiding Procrastination

With dissertations due and exams to prepare for, it isn’t hard to understand why the procrastination bug has bitten many students right across the country. If you are one of the many who just can’t seem to get down to business and get that essay written, then here are 5 top tips for avoiding procrastination.…

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Strange new stress relief for Students

Dundee University is set to provide a petting farm, bubble wrap and a bouncy castle as means to de-stress students. The project is being set up by the Scottish University’s Student Association and will take effect on the 23rd of April when a bouncy castle will be blown up on the University’s campus and a…

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Staying safe when staying in student accommodation

Staying safe is important when living away from home and moving to a new area.  Students living in U student Sunderland, Carlisle and soon to be our brand new Newcastle site can all benefit from the follow advice. Accommodation with u-student benefit from the added reassurance of a safe, secure, private environment. The Forge U…

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Do employers really care where students have studied?

This August will see many students enter higher education in their chosen university for the first time, in the hope they will gain the right qualifications, so they can hopefully land their dream job. A study has revealed that only 9% of businesses said university choice was ‘very important’ when it comes to selecting future…

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Best Days Out on a Budget in Carlisle

When you move to university, the best way to enjoy your time is to throw yourself into the experience, make the most of it and also get to know the local area. If you choose to live in U-Student’s Carlisle University accommodation you are conveniently located next to the city centre, so it is within…

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Carlisle University Societies

As a student at The University of Cumbria, you will no doubt want to get the most out of your student life. Getting the best grade possible is your primary objective, because you want to have a head start as you approach your adult working life. We have Carlisle university accommodation that is fully furnished…

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