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All the latest news, reviews and events.

June 2014

Average student short by £277 each month

The average student is short by £277 each month The National Student Money Survey said that the average student spends around £735 a month but only receives £458 in student loans. Over 1 in 10 students regularly dip into their overdraft to make up for the shortfall while 3% will use credit cards, 20 per…

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9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Last Summer as a Student!

  You know all those times your mum/dad/older relative condescendingly told you that ‘school is the best time of your life’. Well, take it from us. They were so right (in the horribly annoying way that parents usually are). Your days as a university student are pretty much the only socially accepted time that you…

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Where to Go On a Gap Year

So with school ending and the option of a gap year looking tasty, we thought that we would give you a rundown of where we think are the best gap year destinations! Don’t we spoil you! Peru So you got an A level in Spanish, now go use it! Fill your backpack and go explore…

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Universities to Ban Pub Crawls and Drinking Games

In a £90,000 scheme to change campus drink culture, universities are aiming to make an impact on student binge drinking by enforcing new rules to try to ban pub-crawls, drinking games and alcohol-related ‘initiation’ ceremonies. Universities including Royal Holloway, Loughborough and Nottingham have signed the new NUS Alcohol Impact project which aims to reduce student…

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Remember the fallen.

The French president has led the D-Day 70th anniversary commemorations by paying tribute to those who died on June 6th 1944, a day that changed the world. D-Day was the biggest invasion that has ever taken place.  On 6 June 1944, British, US and Canadian forces invaded the coast of northern France in Normandy, the…

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Pitfalls to Avoid when Exam Cramming

When studying or taking exams it’s far too easy to feel like you are losing your mind. Revision sessions start to feel like they last a week and you forget how to count to 10 but luckily here are a few tips on how not to lose what’s left of your mind. Avoid Study Drugs…

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20,000 complaints in a single year

More than 20,000 students complained to universities in just one year. Universities are now upholding an excess of 20,000 complaints from students, which is more than ever before. Students expressed their displeasure with their new courses by responding to an inquiry made by the BBC. The figures revealed that complaints were 10% higher in 2012-13…

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Are emails becoming a thing of the past for students?

Are Emails becoming a thing of the past for students? The majority of students use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate instead of emails universities say. A leading Vice-Chancellor said email is “as good as dead among students” Universities have even employed teams to communicate to students via social media”. The Vice-chancellor…

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