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All the latest news, reviews and events.

July 2014

Get to know your University

Staying at one of U Students accommodation sites this academic year?  Get to know your University a little better by simply reading this blog! Newcastle University Newcastle is a popular choice with students.  It’s got an impressive academic track record and is located in a city that has been named the UK’s best university city…

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Students to study Selfies for A-Levels!

The exam board OCR have announced that Sociology students will have the option to study selfies as part of their sociology A-level course. A-Level sociology students are set to study social media and the culture of selfies plus online safety and privacy. But the exam board OCR have said it should not be seen as…

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What to expect at U Student.

Are you moving into one of three U Student accommodation sites this September and not sure what to expect? This blog should help you. U Student Carlisle Our student accommodation in Carlisle houses 39 en-suite fully furnished bedrooms over 3 floors. Each floor has a large fully fitted kitchen/common room, which includes a dishwasher, modern…

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How to Apply For an Internship without Experience

Applying for an internship can be hard, and even a little disheartening when it seems all you ever get back are constant ‘no’s or a complete lack of reply altogether. However, you’re not the only one feeling this way – it’s the classic post-university blues, you can’t get a job without experience, and you sure…

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Who can students turn to get help for mental health while at University?

If you are experiencing mental health problems whether feelings of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, an eating disorder or any complex mental health issue, the first thing you need to realise is that you are not alone. Mental health issues can become worse, if they are not addressed, and can become a worrying issue. But help…

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Ways to make your postgrad degree stand out

In a tough job market, studying a postgraduate qualification can help you to stand out from other candidates, by a big margin. If you want a specialised career it is crucial to study at this level, which can give you the edge over undergraduates applying for the same jobs you are. How can you use…

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How to stop feeling homesick at University

If you’re studying from abroad or you already live in England but your hometown is too far to visit often, then you know there’s nothing fun about feeling homesick! However, with a little effort you should be back to enjoying your student experience in no time. There is no point sitting in your flat all…

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3 Ways to Live Happy in Student Housing

University is all about new experiences, making new friends and being completely independent(ish) without mum and dad’s watchful eye. Although living with friends can often be the most exciting aspects of student life, it can also be stressful when tensions rise and personalities clash. It’s perfectly normal when living with someone that they are inevitably…

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Quick, how do you delete a text message!?

A College Student is wishing she could turn back time before she accidentally sent a nude picture of herself…to her DAD! Nyjah Cousar, from Inglewood California, sent the image of herself in the shower to “daddy” instead of “Daquan”, her boyfriend. Then frantically panicked and tweeted ‘Omg how do you cancel a text message!?’. Her…

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Students Can Face Prison Sentences for Lying on CVs

  CIFAS, the UK fraud prevention service, has written to universities, warning students that they can face up to 10 years in prison for lying on their CVs. Fraud prevention officers have sent a new guide to all universities in the country warning students of the severe consequences of lying on their CVs. They expressed…

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