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All the latest news, reviews and events.

September 2014

New students urged not to give into peer pressure.

New students urged not to give into peer pressure. First time students have been warned not to let peer pressure ruin their new university experiences. University towns and cities across the UK are already experienced from the previous years and know what to expect from new students – their arrival as undergraduates has a potentially…

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How to be a Total Tool at University

Ok, so you somehow managed to scrape through college, and now you’re on your way to university. With this handy guide, we’ll show you exactly how to alienate people get people to seriously respect you. It’s easy! And it’s better than, y’know, actually learning stuff in an educational environment. Only idiots do that.   Fashion…

Posted in: Student Advice | Student Life | Sunderland

Students Stay Safe!

Students that are returning to University are being urged to stay safe online and in everyday life as part of a new campaign set by the police. Police would like to raise the awareness of potential issues that can emerge in partying on nights out and social media. “Getting the personal safety message across to…

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Students are driven down by lower grades

UCAS has recorded a rise in students driven by BTECs and lower grades . Figures from UCAS show record number of students are accepting university places this year but the rise is being driven by those with BTECs and lower A-Level grades. In recent years universities have been accused of knocking down their entry requirements…

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Freshers Week: The Bucket List

Freshers week is the most exciting time for any student; well, any first year students that haven’t yet discovered the woes and self-pity Freshers Week events provide, of course. It gives you a chance to meet your future flatmates, people from all over the world and explore your new city through tipsy eyes and a…

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What to Do When You’re Missing Home

It’s the first month of uni. You’re still buzzing at finally breaking loose from the shackles of living at home. You’ve loved picking your own meals, going to bed whenever you want and never, ever having to turn your music down. This first month is undoubtedly one of the most freeing and exciting of your…

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Video Games That Will Stop You Studying (Part One)

By the time you get to university you’ll be finding plenty of excuses not to study. There’s unpacking to be done, Facebook to browse, TV you just have to see. The list. Is. Endless. Eventually cries of, ‘I can’t tonight, I’m going out with the Society’ pretty much become your catchphrase. Seriously, how do you…

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Pedal to the metal

Alex Laffey recorded his best result to date with a 2nd place podium finish at The Wexford Stages which took place over the weekend. Alex has went on to say; “This weekend was incredible for us it was our 100% best result to date.  We went to Ireland looking to score well as the roads…

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Four Fab Fictional Friends

They say the friends you make at university are the ones you keep for life. These are our picks for the best friends we wish we could have.   Daria and Jane Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane were the cynical Queens of the MTV generation. And they couldn’t be more perfect for each other. Not…

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Alex Laffey on this weekends rally

We spoke to team racing driver Alex Laffey about this weekends Wexford Stages! “This one is a key event as we are going into this round lying 3rd and cant afford to slip up Overall in the championship standing with only 34 points spectating 1st and 4th overall with two rounds to go. I did…

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