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All the latest news, reviews and events.

December 2014

Just in time for Christmas

A dog that was born with deformed front legs is now able to run for the first time ever. Derby was limited to moving and unable to move fast because of a deformity in his front limbs. But after he was adopted by Tara Anderson of 3D Systems, she started to think of solutions to…

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Things to consider before organising your year abroad

Students will begin to organise their year abroad in the Christmas period and whether you want to study in Paris or party in Amsterdam here are some things to consider before you finalise those plans. What will the food be like? Don’t underestimate how important it is of liking the food in the country of…

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Reasons for staying at uni over the holidays

Whether you have decided to stay at university for financial reasons or because you are a foreign student and its tricky to get home. Here are some reasons you should stay! You won’t have to worry about transporting all your stuff back home for a start plus you can take part in all the university…

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Private schools and state schools, is there much difference if you want to go to uni?

Once again research has come up with another interesting student fact. According to research privately educated teenagers are more likely to want to go to university than those who went to state school. Oh and apparently, boys are significantly less likely to plan to study for a degree than girls are. If you are wondering…

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University students accuse police of attacking tuition fee protest

Three people have been arrested and police officers accused of using force including a Taser and pepper spray.  Students at the University of Warwick have said they were sitting down and discussing tuition fees when the police arrived. Helena Dunnett-Orridge told The Guardian, “They pushed people to the ground and grabbed a girl by the…

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1 in 10 students can’t afford to continue at university

10 per cent of students have said they will likely drop out of university because they just simply cannot afford it. A low bank balance is common in student life. According to a survey carried out by Blackbullion, 1 in 10 undergraduates admit they are likely to drop out of university because they cannot afford…

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This year has been incredible but Alex eyes more success  

Rally driver Alex Laffey has admitted that 2014 has been an incredible year. “We started the year with a new car and we are looking to build on the 2013 successes. The season started in disappointment after we had a crash, however, from there onward we got our heads down did all the prep work…

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