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All the latest news, reviews and events.


Students are wheelie not happy about tuition fees.

Students have attempt to storm the Tory party HQ but were stopped by riot police. Riot police clashed with student protesters as campaigners tried to enter into the Conservative Party headquarters in central London. What started as a peaceful march by students that were protesting against university tuition fees turned violent as demonstrators were confronted…

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Fancy a trip to India?

The government wants to send 25,000 students to India by at least 2020 The government wants to send at least 25,000 students to India for work placements by 2020 as part of a new initiative in partnership with the British Council. Starting from 2015/16, the campaign ‘Generation UK-India’ will pave the way for up to…

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U Student rally ream roll out but not all is lost.

This weekend seen the U Student Rally team take part in the final race of the MSA Asphalt Championship, the Cheviot Rally. A good result would have seen Alex Laffey (driver) and Jack Morton (co-driver) finish in a podium position in the championship but unfortunately the car rolled, but Alex simply says “these things happen”.…

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Alex eyes podium finish

Its been a while but Alex Laffey and the rally team are gearing up for the final race of the championship, The  Cheviot Rally, which will take place in Otterburn on Sunday. With a good finish, it could see the team settle for a podium finish! Alex told U Student “The rally this weekend is…

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What a waste of money

Plymouth University have spent nearly £300,000 on a giant video screen and have been told they can not broadcast video on it. Plymouth University bought the screen for £206,000, and agreed installation costs of £89,600 earlier this year. Two years ago planners granted permission for the project but informing the university that only still pictures…

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Poor students are less likely to graduate with a good degree, apparently.

Poor university students are more likely to drop out and less likely to graduate with a decent degree even if they started with the similar or same grades as their fellow “rich” students. It suggests that those from poorer backgrounds may not do as well in higher education as those from more privileged backgrounds. Researchers…

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Wasting time on the internet will get you a degree

Some students will be able to study “wasting time on the internet” as a degree level course from 2015 onwards. For many years now the internet has been used for a wide range of things that most students would never need, but now for the first time ever some students will be able to study…

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Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Yes you guessed it, today is Halloween! But why do we celebrate it? There must be some logical reason why kids (or adults) dress up and go round peoples doors say a poem and ask for sweets? Halloween is on the eve of a major Catholic festival, All Saints. The three days between 31st October…

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Is it possible to live with no internet?

The Internet, almost nothing is done without it nowadays. The more we rely on it, the more it seems impossible to live without it. But what would happen if suddenly for some strange reason, the internet just stopped working just like that, what would you do? Without the internet people would panic, businesses would crumble…

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Those poor Language students!

Dragging yourself out of bed to go to a grammar lesson will be one of the hardest challenges you will have to face at university if you are a Language student. Friends that study other courses will not understand the pain and agony of attending these lessons early in the morning! You will always have…

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