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All the latest news, reviews and events.

January 2015

House of Smith

House of Smith has to be one of the most unique nightclubs in the UK. I’ve been to most clubs in Newcastle with friends but I can truthfully say that nowhere offers a night out like this place. You may pay a little bit more than in other bars but it’s because these bars aren’t…

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Student gambles way through uni

Many of those reading this will be studying at university paying up to £9,000 a year in tuition fees or maybe even more.  But Charlton Bird, a business management student at Manchester Metropolitan University, got sick of scraping around for money in his first year of university that he decided to do something major about…

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Before you graduate…

Have you thought of things that you will have to do before you graduate from university? Why not join a sports team at your university or if you do not want to commit just try it as a taster session. You never know you might discover a hidden talent. When fresher’s was finally over you…

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Want to be a young entrepreneur?

If you want to become an entrepreneur there are some tips you will have to abide by in order to get onto the right track. You will have to be patient but it will pay off! The process of starting your own business is a love and hate relationship and will take time. You will…

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Do you know what to do after the UCAS deadline?

The UCAS deadline has been and gone and now it is just a matter of playing the waiting game. Most students hear back from the universities that they applied to by the 31st March and then make a decision after a few weeks. Nevertheless, it can be a stressful time if you are a student…

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