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All the latest news, reviews and events.

March 2015

New research maps personality of places across Britain

A study has mapped the personality of hundreds of places across Britain, meaning you can find out what town matches your nature. It is the largest study ever conducted into the psychological landscape of the country, covering 380 places and 400,000 people. The study lasted two years and looked into five key personality traits: extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism, openness and…

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Sun, sea and pigs – 13 pictures of ‘Pig Beach’

Imagine there was an island in the Bahamas populated by swimming pigs. Well, there is. Big Major Cay, known by the locals as 'Pig Beach', is home to a lot of pigs, a few cats and some goats.

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5 ways the 2015 Budget affects students

The 2015 Budget has been announced, but nobody’s telling us just how it affects students. That’s why we’ve made a list. As you can tell, we’ve taken it very seriously. You can find out how much you’ll save by using the BBC’s Budget calculator.     1. Beer is cheaper! Admittedly by only 1p per pint,…

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The Northern Lights illuminate the UK – in pictures

Those in the Northern Hemisphere can sometimes enjoy the Northern Lights, a natural phenomenon that occurs in the sky. Also known as Aurora Borealis, the display is a result of eruptions on the surface of the sun that cause a geomagnetic storm. The recent storm across the UK was unexpectedly strong and unbelievably beautiful, so…

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14 incredibly awkward family photos

Everyone likes looking at old family photos. But everyone LOVES looking at awkward family photos. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best ones. And they’re weirder than you could ever imagine. Let us know which ones we’ve missed!   1. “Do it so he feels involved but can be cropped out easily…”  …

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15 photos of the solar eclipse in 1999

There’s a solar eclipse this Friday, so we searched for some pictures of the last one – which was in 1999. It’s basically the most 90s thing you’ll ever see, but with a tinge of Men in Black.                            

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Best British wildlife photographs of 2014

We stumbled across some images from the British Wildlife Photography Awards and couldn’t help but share a few of our favourites with you. Covering sea, sky and everything between, there are some beautiful shots here. The rest of the photographs can be found on the BWPA website.   Alan Price   Alannah Hawker   Alexander Mustard  …

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8 huge hits that ripped off other songs

In case you missed it, Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams have been ordered to pay millions for copying Got to Give It Up by Marvin Gaye.  This reminded us of some other massive hits that have, let’s say, ‘drawn influence’ from other songs. Let us know which rip-offs you’d have included!   Robin Thicke v Marvin Gaye…

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9 funny photos of people, animals or vehicles on roofs

Inspired by the man on the roof of Parliament, we’ve drawn up a list of other times that things were on roofs. Again, this is admittedly a weird idea, but it’s come together quite well. Let us know if we missed any good ones! 1. The mystery man on Parliament       2. A cow that…

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The man who posted himself back home… to Australia

In 1964, athlete Reg Spiers  found himself penniless and stranded in Britain after he failed to recover from an injury. But he wanted to return to Australia for his daughter’s birthday.   Unable to afford a plane ticket – but with the knowledge that, although more expensive, cargo could be paid for upon delivery – Spiers decided…

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