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All the latest news, reviews and events.

May 2015

Thousands of giant jellyfish are swarming off the British coast

Thousands of gigantic jellyfish are swarming off the coast of Britain this year - due to fewer predators and a warmer sea. A mass of barrel jellyfish, which can stretch to six feet and weigh five stone, have been spotted off the Dorset coast.

Posted in: News

Is this the messiest student flat ever?

With plates everywhere, a flat-screen TV balanced on a beer keg and the obligatory stolen traffic cone, these digs could be the messiest of all time.

Posted in: Student Life

The photographer who’s taking his dog on an American adventure

Having become semi-famous for her ability to balance on pretty much anything, Maddie is now travelling the US with her owner, who conveniently happens to be a photographer.

Posted in: Travel