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All the latest news, reviews and events.

August 2015

Woman downs £120 cognac as she can’t take it on plane

A plane passenger reportedly downed a $190 (£120) bottle of cognac after being told she could not take it on board.

Posted in: Travel

Transparent swimming pool to span over London street

A transparent swimming pool made of glass is set to link the tops of two 10-storey buildings in London.

Posted in: Technology

18 things being at university will actually teach you

Some of the things you learn at university have nothing to do with the working world and are instead important life lessons that you’ll mostly figure out through a whole bunch of mistakes. Life lessons like how not to blow all your student loan on an iPad, and that ‘beer before wine, you’ll be fine’ doesn’t apply when you drink two bottles of wine.

Posted in: Student Life

10 things I’m looking forward to at Sunderland freshers

I’m joining the University of Sunderland in September to study magazine journalism and I am so excited! This is partly because the course could lead me to my dream career but also because of the student lifestyle. So here at my top 10 things that I am looking forward to at freshers this year...

Posted in: Amie | Sunderland

11 reasons to stay at The Forge

Going to university can be daunting – especially if you’re moving away from home. You get your results and know where you’ll be studying… then come the questions. When is freshers? How will I meet people? When will I get my timetable? And, most importantly, where will I live?

Posted in: Sunderland

a-level results day

How I feel about A-level results day

Okay, so as I’m writing this post it’s three days until the dreaded A-level results day...

Posted in: Amie | Education

pot noodle vending machine

UK unveils its first ever Pot Noodle vending machine

A street in Nottingham has caused a stir after it unveiled Britain’s first ever Pot Noodle vending machine. Located on Mansfield Road, the Pot Shop appears to sell beef and tomato, chicken and mushroom, spicy curry, and chow mein. Conveniently located on the road home from Nottingham’s nightlife, the 24-hour machine dispenses hot water and a pot…

Posted in: News

tallest tunnel slide

Olympic tower to become world’s tallest tunnel slide

Plans to turn the Olympic Park Orbit Tower into the world's "longest and tallest tunnel slide" have been given the go-ahead.

Posted in: News