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A healthy diet on £15 a week

There has been much talk in the media recently of just how little we can live on a week.

Iain Duncan Smith waded into the argument on BBC’s Today programme by claiming that, if necessary he could live on £53 per week.

This caused an uproar among many who objected to what they saw as an empty gesture, prompting an online petition calling for him to back up his claim by living on the aforementioned £53 per week for one year.

It’s unlikely that Duncan Smith will take up this challenge but it does raise some interesting questions about how much we really need to get by comfortably.

The BBC News website yesterday published a balanced and helpful view of how those with low amounts of income coming in can still maintain a healthy diet on £15 a week which can be found by clicking here.

The article includes a meal planner which may be particularly helpful to U-Student residents who are feeling the pinch in the current economic climate.

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