University Help for Parents

Are you a parent or guardian with a child applying for university? We’ve got some advice and ways in which you can help.

Are you a parent or guardian with a child applying for university? Struggling to know where you fit in? What you should be doing? How you should be helping? And what all of these words mean? We’ve got some University Help for Parents and Guardians.

See below helpful advice and links for you.

Ways in which you can help:

  • Do some research into what university entails, find out more about the process of applying and what the university experience is actually like. You’ll feel more ‘in the know’ when they talk about uni. Keep up to date with any changes.
  • Encourage your child to do some research of their own, ordering a prospectus and visiting university websites.
  • Offer to go along on Open Days and Tours, they will probably really appreciate the second pair of eyes and ears. Plus you know them very well. It’s important here to ‘offer’ not insist, you want to offer your help not force your opinions, they will react better to this.
  • Be there. Your child is applying for University and therefore becoming very independent. But this can be a very scary time for them, be there and support them the best you can, but allow them to do this independently.

Click the links below for further help understanding University as parents

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