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Become better at studying

Yes university is a fantastic experience, and you will make amazing memories, and make lots of new friends, but ultimately you will have to work. 


Planning: Get a plan together. This could be for revision, essays, making study notes or even cleaning. Getting a plan together will help you to physically see how to distribute your workload best and work more effectively. 


Take regular breaks: don’t overload yourself with too much at once. Take a 15 min break, don’t use your phone and get some fresh air. This will help you to concentrate for a longer period. 


Be realistic: Don’t try a complete all of your tasks in one day. Set yourself 3 realistic tasks for the day and aim to complete them all. 


Congratulate yourself: You’re being productive and it’s important that you say ‘well done’ to yourself. Recognising your achievements will help you to feel more enthusiastic about the next day’s tasks. 


Keep distractions to a minimum: Put your phone away for an hour, turn off the TV, and if it helps have some music on quietly in the background, these may seem like difficult things, but it will help. 


Learn from your mistakes: Learn what works for you and how you work more efficiently. This will save you time in the long run and make completing work seem a lot easier.

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