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Best Days Out on a Budget in Carlisle

When you move to university, the best way to enjoy your time is to throw yourself into the experience, make the most of it and also get to know the local area. If you choose to live in U-Student’s Carlisle University accommodation you are conveniently located next to the city centre, so it is within easy reach of shops, clubs and entertainment. If you want to discover your own uni town like a tourist would, then read on to find the most popular attractions.

Carlisle Castle
Situated on the north side of the city centre and easily accessible by the underpass near Tullie House, the Castle is a must-see for students living in Carlisle. The castle has an impressive and turbulent 900 year history, as the first castle was built on-site in 1092. A new exhibition called “900 years of history” guides you through the stormy story of the castle, which has seen battles, invasions, sieges and recues. Don’t forget your student card so you can gain entry for just £5.30.

Tullie House
Although it explores the rich history of Carlisle and the surrounding area, don’t think this attraction is just for history students. Tullie House is a delightful mix of history, art, nature and culture, and offers interactive exhibitions, talks and gardens to walk in. Practise writing on a Roman tablet, explore an underground mine or pretend to be a soldier on a life-size reconstruction of Hadrian’s Wall: there’s something to delight everyone. Student entry is £5 each, but if you organise a group of 10 or more you can get in for just £3.50.

Talkin Tarn Country Park
This beautiful 165 acre park is situated just outside Carlisle in Brampton, so it can be accessed by car or bus. It is the perfect place to come for a stroll when you need a break from work; relax here with a picnic at the weekend or try out your orienteering skills in the forest. The little lake is popular for water sports and the park also has its own rowing and sailing clubs. Entry to Talkin Tarn Park is free, but you need to pay for parking.

Eden Rock Climbing Centre
This is a great place for those who enjoy sports or who want to try out something different. The centre is situated on Durranhill Industrial estate just 20 minutes walk away from the town centre. In additional to the main circuits, Eden Rock boasts one of the world’s best wooden circuits, a circuit board and a dedicated training room for beginners. The centre is open until late on weekdays, so you can pop along after your lectures. You can either pay as you go if you only wish to climb casually, or they also offer monthly and annual memberships.

Carlisle is a delightful city brimming with history and charm. If you choose to come here for university there is plenty to keep you occupied, and if you choose to live in U-Student Carlisle accommodation then you’re perfectly situated for both the university campus and the amenities of the city centre.

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