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All the latest news, reviews and events.


Sunderland Freshers – the highlights

Saturday 12 September was the beginning of freshers week at the University of Sunderland and I moved in on that morning.

Posted in: Amie | Student Life

6 people you will meet during freshers

Loads of people spend freshers week freaking out about ‘not making any friends’ and ‘being skint’. But you can rest assured because everyone is going to be in the same boat. There’s a variety of people you’re guaranteed to meet along the way – so here are the types of freshers you’re always bound to see.

Posted in: Amie | Student Life

10 things I’m looking forward to at Sunderland freshers

I’m joining the University of Sunderland in September to study magazine journalism and I am so excited! This is partly because the course could lead me to my dream career but also because of the student lifestyle. So here at my top 10 things that I am looking forward to at freshers this year...

Posted in: Amie | Sunderland

a-level results day

How I feel about A-level results day

Okay, so as I’m writing this post it’s three days until the dreaded A-level results day...

Posted in: Amie | Education

How to prepare for results day

Exams are over and you’ve defeated them! You’ve had a few weeks to chill out, drink a lot of alcohol, sleep for 47 hours straight and renew your Netflix account – but in the back of your mind all you can think about is that results day is approaching.

Posted in: Amie | Education