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Aberdeen – the ultimate student city?

Scotland is no doubt a great place to study, thanks to its stunning landscapes, vibrant cities and excellent universities. With a number of exciting cities and towns to choose from though, finding the right place to study in one of the most welcoming places on the planet isn’t easy. The city of Aberdeen is certainly up there, not just because it’s home to the number one university in the whole of Scotland. As a student in Aberdeen, you’ll receive more than just a top quality education. Here we give you the lowdown on all things student in Aberdeen…

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The best apps for university students

The best apps for university students

The best apps for university students. In today’s digital world, most of us rely heavily on apps. From managing our time and checking our social media accounts to catching up on the latest news and even switching our lights and heating on and off, apps really are life savers! Apps are more accessible than ever, and are available on a vast range of devices, such as phones, tablets and smart watches.

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Part time job or no part time job that is the question

Part time job or no part time job? that is the question!

Contrary to popular belief, a part time job doesn’t have to be bad for your studies. In fact, if managed correctly, part time employment can complement or even enrich your university lifestyle. Particularly during your first year of study, part time employment can unlock a number of benefits, from refining those time management skills that will stand you in good stead for years to come to relieving those money stresses that are so commonly associated with student life.

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Those first year university myths busted

First Year Myths

When it comes to your first year at university, as excitement builds and moving dates get closer, many students get themselves worked up with all kinds of misconceptions. As a leading provider of student accommodation in Sunderland, Carlisle and Aberdeen, we’ve heard it all.

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Your survival guide to Freshers' Week

Your survival guide to Freshers’ Week

Your survival guide to Freshers' Week
We couldn’t talk preparing for university without mentioning Freshers’ Week, the perfect introduction to university life, whatever your chosen course or university

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Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Superhero movies are always out at this time of year and Thor - Ragnarok is this summer’s blockbuster offering. But did you know we are now into phase three of the marvel film franchise. Here are some fun superhero film facts from the marvel cinematic universe.

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end of year clean up

End of year clean up

As exams are finishing and you’re getting ready to move out it’s important to leave the flat as you first found it, and that means cleaning! Here are our tips for the end of year clean up

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Saint Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated on the 14th of February. It is the day people show their love and affection for others. While in the UK we often send cards and gifts there are many different traditions around the globe to celebrate the day of love. Here are some of our favourites.

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Christmas post dates

It’s that time of year where the Christmas holidays are not that far off and some of you will want to be sending the cards and presents to your friends and family in the UK through the post. Here are the major Christmas post dates you need to know in order for the cards and presents arrive in time.

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Meningitis Awareness

Students are one of the most at risk groups from meningitis because of the mixture of new people from all over the country meeting and may unknowingly be bringing a mixed bag of new viruses with them. The following advice is from the NHS Choices website but if you or your flatmates do start to feel unwell please be aware of the symptoms and get medical advice as soon as possible. Please share and make everyone have meningitis awareness

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