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Those first year university myths busted

First Year Myths

When it comes to your first year at university, as excitement builds and moving dates get closer, many students get themselves worked up with all kinds of misconceptions. As a leading provider of student accommodation in Sunderland, Carlisle and Aberdeen, we’ve heard it all.

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Your survival guide to Freshers' Week

Your survival guide to Freshers’ Week

Your survival guide to Freshers' Week
We couldn’t talk preparing for university without mentioning Freshers’ Week, the perfect introduction to university life, whatever your chosen course or university

Posted in: Facts | Funny | Nightlife | Out and about | Student Advice | Student Life

8 Reasons We Love Sunderland Nights Out

8 Reasons We Love Sunderland Nights Out

Sunderland as a small city may not have the renown bigger cities have for its night life, but if you look at how rammed the clubs are on the biggest student nights of the week – you’ll realise that it doesn’t really matter. It might not be the same kind of night you’ll get from Newcastle, but it’s by no means worse. It’s a different ball game altogether. Regardless, students here love their nights out, and here is 8 reasons why.

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14 incredibly awkward family photos

Everyone likes looking at old family photos. But everyone LOVES looking at awkward family photos. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best ones. And they’re weirder than you could ever imagine. Let us know which ones we’ve missed!   1. “Do it so he feels involved but can be cropped out easily…”  …

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