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7 things to distract you in the run up to A Level results day

7 things to distract you in the run up to A Level results day

The anxiety many students suffer from doesn’t end once exams are over. The stress can stay with you right up until results day. It’s perfectly normal to worry about the overcome of the exams you worked so hard preparing for, but keeping calm is important. Stress levels aren’t helped by the amount of time you have to wait to get your results, but instead of using this time to stress out, why not distract yourself with the following…

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Meningitis Awareness

Students are one of the most at risk groups from meningitis because of the mixture of new people from all over the country meeting and may unknowingly be bringing a mixed bag of new viruses with them. The following advice is from the NHS Choices website but if you or your flatmates do start to feel unwell please be aware of the symptoms and get medical advice as soon as possible. Please share and make everyone have meningitis awareness

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Fire Safety Essentials

A vital part of living in student accommodation is the safety of everyone one site. Fire safety is a major factor in this. Here are some Fire Safety Essentials in your space.

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De-Stress Pamper Tips

De-stress from assignment deadlines and exam nerves with these do-it-yourself pamper tips for that spa at home feeling.

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lack of sleep

Sleeping less than five hours ‘as bad as being drunk’

People who sleep less than five hours a night are as bad as those who drink and smoke, a leading professor has said.

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