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All the latest news, reviews and events.



What’s on at the theatre?

There’s no business like show business and with two major theatres in the north east there is plenty of choice for taking in a show over the summer, so let us answer the question.....what's on at the theatre?

Posted in: Events | Newcastle | North East | Sunderland | Things to do Newcastle


All the fun of the fair

Enjoy all the fun of the fair as The Hopping’s fun fair returns to Newcastle’s town moor 17th – 25th of June 2016. One of Europe’s largest travelling fairs and not one to miss.

Posted in: Entertainment | Newcastle | North East

7 things you need to know about Newcastle University

Home to more than 20,000 students every year, Newcastle University is a cornerstone of the North East. Founded in 1963 and part of the prestigious Russell Group, the university is both economically and culturally integral to the city.

Posted in: Newcastle

14 places you need to visit in Newcastle

There are so many things to see and do in Newcastle that it's hard to create a small list - but here are some of the best places in the city to eat, drink and relax!

Posted in: Newcastle

Video Games That Will Stop You Studying (Part One)

By the time you get to university you’ll be finding plenty of excuses not to study. There’s unpacking to be done, Facebook to browse, TV you just have to see. The list. Is. Endless. Eventually cries of, ‘I can’t tonight, I’m going out with the Society’ pretty much become your catchphrase. Seriously, how do you…

Posted in: Carlisle | Newcastle | Student Life | Sunderland

3 Get Rich Quick Schemes for Students (That Probably Won’t Work But Might If You’re Really, Really Lucky)

It’s not enough, is it, your student loan? So why not supplement your termly income by these entirely legal – albeit morally dubious – get rich quick schemes. Start Your Own Bank Silly people rob banks, smart people start them. Why don clown masks, go guns blazing and risk that prison sentence when you could…

Posted in: Newcastle | Student Advice | Student Life

How To Cope With Your Exam Results!

So, it’s the day that you’ve been secretly dreading all summer long, and it’s come around a lot sooner than you could ever have imagined! Results day. This one day can strike so much fear into your entire class as well, and let’s face it we do secretly (deep down) want to impress mum and…

Posted in: Newcastle