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All the latest news, reviews and events.


pot noodle vending machine

UK unveils its first ever Pot Noodle vending machine

A street in Nottingham has caused a stir after it unveiled¬†Britain’s first ever Pot Noodle vending machine. Located on Mansfield Road, the Pot Shop appears to sell beef and tomato, chicken and mushroom, spicy curry, and chow mein. Conveniently located on the road home from Nottingham’s nightlife, the 24-hour machine dispenses hot water¬†and a pot…

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tallest tunnel slide

Olympic tower to become world’s tallest tunnel slide

Plans to turn the Olympic Park Orbit Tower into the world's "longest and tallest tunnel slide" have been given the go-ahead.

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Thousands of giant jellyfish are swarming off the British coast

Thousands of gigantic jellyfish are swarming off the coast of Britain this year - due to fewer predators and a warmer sea. A mass of barrel jellyfish, which can stretch to six feet and weigh five stone, have been spotted off the Dorset coast.

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