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All the latest news, reviews and events.

Student Advice

How to make the most of Open Days

We've got a few important tips for making sure you get the most from every Open Day you attend. Not only are Open Days a great opportunity to learn about courses and facilities, but also to find out whether you can see yourself studying there!

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How to become more Eco-Friendly

Becoming more eco-friendly doesn't have to be hard. You probably do lots of these eco-friendly things anyway without even knowing it. But if not, start with these small, simple steps and make a big difference to the planet.

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How to Clean like a Pro

Keeping your student room clean is super important, especially with the current situation. Why not give your digs a deep clean this weekend using the simple step-by-step cleaning process we've put together?!

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Money-saving tips

We all know that students can really struggle to live on a small budget, especially when you're in a new city and living on your own. Suddenly you become aware that everything costs money and budgeting is very important. We've got some ways to save money in places you won't even of thought of.

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7 things to distract you in the run up to A Level results day

7 things to distract you in the run up to A Level results day

It's totally normal to feel a little stressed in the lead up to A-Level results day, but instead of using this time to stress, why not distract yourself with these suggestions?

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Free things to do this weekend in Carlisle

Free things to do this weekend in Carlisle

With Fresher’s Week, Christmas and the New Year out the way, student budgets can get a little tight come the spring. This doesn’t mean you have to spend the next five months in hibernation however. Carlisle is one student city that has tons of stuff to do and to see, and most attractions don’t charge you a penny. Explore the city you’re studying in by checking out these fun and free attractions in the area.

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Aberdeen – the ultimate student city?

Scotland is no doubt a great place to study, thanks to its stunning landscapes, vibrant cities and excellent universities. With a number of exciting cities and towns to choose from though, finding the right place to study in one of the most welcoming places on the planet isn’t easy. The city of Aberdeen is certainly up there, not just because it’s home to the number one university in the whole of Scotland. As a student in Aberdeen, you’ll receive more than just a top quality education. Here we give you the lowdown on all things student in Aberdeen…

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The best apps for university students

The best apps for university students

The best apps for university students. In today’s digital world, most of us rely heavily on apps. From managing our time and checking our social media accounts to catching up on the latest news and even switching our lights and heating on and off, apps really are life savers! Apps are more accessible than ever, and are available on a vast range of devices, such as phones, tablets and smart watches.

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How to Study over Christmas

The Christmas break is a time for festive fun and celebrations with family and friends, but for university students, it’s also a period of exam revision and assignment writing ahead of the start of the new term. Keeping on top of coursework is a challenge faced by literally every student at some point or another during their time at university.

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Should you get a seasonal job this Christmas?

Should you get a seasonal job this Christmas? With Amazon alone hiring an extra 20,000 workers in the run up to Christmas, the number of available seasonal opportunities is on the rise. For university students and young people in particular, seasonal employment provides plenty of perks.

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