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Christmas Shopping

With Christmas only being less than five weeks away, a lot of people are starting their Christmas shopping preparations. Here are some pointers on getting your Christmas shopping organised and when to get those best deals.

Black Friday – this year black Friday falls on Friday 25th You will find a lot of shops giving big discounts to clear stock before Christmas. Usually an American shopping tradition, its popularity has crossed to the UK and you can grab some bargains!


Cyber Monday – this is on Monday 27th November, the first Monday after the USA’s thanksgiving holiday. It is one of the biggest online shopping days and you can again get some great deals without leaving your flat!


Late night shopping usually kicks in for most shopping centres from around 12th December to the 23rd December so you have ample time to get yours done outside of work/university hours


Make a list and wright everything down. This is a great way to keep tabs of who you are buying presents for and to help stick to a budget.


Homemade gifts are a great alternative if on a budget – make Christmas cookies, cakes and biscuits for that special someone.


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