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end of year clean up

End of year clean up

As exams are finishing and you’re getting ready to move out it’s important to leave the flat as you first found it, and that means cleaning! Here are our tips for the end of year clean up

End of year clean up- man

  • Be organised. Make sure you have all the materials you need close to hand and make sure you have plenty of time to complete the cleaning of your flat. Have a check list of jobs which can be crossed off on completion so you don’t forget anywhere.
  • Take the time to de-clutter items and clean items such as your handbag or trainers. You can use baking soda to tackle smelly shoes (just remember to tap it out before you wear them again)
  • Don’t forget the communal areas. Write up a schedule to clean the shared spaces so everyone does their fair share of cleaning before you all move out.

end of year clean up products

  • Remember the big appliances in the kitchen will need cleaned out. The fridge shouldn’t have any food left and give the oven a good scrub. Freshen up the microwave (and make it easier to wipe down) by heating up a cup of water with lemon slices until the window steams up then let it sit for 15 min.
  • When you get home, take the opportunity to wash your duvet and pillows. These often get forgotten about but only need cleaning a few times a year.

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