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Finding the right student accommodation

Finding the right student accommodation

It’s that time of year when students must weigh up their options and take the plunge of deciding who to live with next September.

But while nobody wants to end up with the proverbial housemate from hell, a recent survey suggests it may be even more important for undergraduates to choose the right landlord.

Research carried out by the website Studentbeans.com found that more than two-thirds of students have experienced landlords and estate agents trying to “take advantage” of them because they are students.

Almost half of the over 2,000 students who responded said they had not received their full deposit back on private student houses . One-in-10 had not received a penny back upon leaving their student house.

Hygiene standards were also a frequent complaint among student renters. Across the country, half of all students had experienced problems with mould, while 12 per cent reported slug infestations. Another six per cent had experienced rats, and three per cent had encountered cockroaches in their student homes

With u-student Sunderland student accommodation you can have piece of mind knowing that firstly we do not take a damage deposit from and that our accommodation is of high quality and very well maintained by our u student team and contractors. Take a look at our Sunderland page here for more details and consider us.

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