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Should you get a seasonal job this Christmas?

Should you get a seasonal job this Christmas? With Amazon alone hiring an extra 20,000 workers in the run up to Christmas, the number of available seasonal opportunities is on the rise. For university students and young people in particular, seasonal employment provides plenty of perks.

We provide accommodation to students across Sunderland, Carlisle and Aberdeen, and as a result, have witnessed first-hand the varying approaches when it comes to financing life at university. Here we take a look at the pros and cons of taking on seasonal work, not just this Christmas but during the summer months, so you can decide whether it’s right for you.

Extra income

The first, and possibly most important, reason why seasonal employment works. During the Christmas break in particular that extra cash will come in handy providing supplementary income for festive spending and giving you the financial boost you need to prep for your university return. This extra income is just as important during the summer months too, when savings and student loans tend to dry up. The extra cash earned from your seasonal job will also mean any downtime you get around work can be spent as intended.

Study worries

Most university courses don’t leave you to enjoy your holidays in peace. You’re likely to have tons of work or exam revision to complete in time for the start of the new term. Ensuring you can strike the right balance between making time for study and fulfilling your temporary role can be challenging.

Working unsociable hours is unfortunately part and parcel of temporary employment. Whilst these flexible hours may come in handy when fitting in extra study time, you may not be so accepting of them when you’re asked to work Boxing Day or New Year’s Day.

CV worthy skills and experience

Grabbing any opportunity you can to build on your skill set and experience is important as a student, particularly if you have very little prior work experience. Even if your temporary role is completely unrelated to the career you want to pursue, potential employers will love to see that you’ve taken a proactive approach to employment around your studies.

Seasonal work, whether you are packing in a warehouse or taking on a more customer facing role, provides the environment you need to develop essential skills, such as customer service, team building and time management. Your role will also help to keep you motivated, a quality that will certainly come in handy as your degree progresses.

To get a seasonal job or not…that is the question?

Like anything there are pros and cons to your decision in joining the seasonal workforce. Gaining experience, acquiring new skills and having extra money to spend over the holidays are the positives. Working unsociable hours, balancing work life with your studies and potentially missing out on festive fun with your friends are the downsides. Whatever you decide…we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Posted in: Student Advice | Student Life