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married a pizza

Man marries pizza because ‘pizza wouldn’t betray you’

A lonely Russian man married a pizza after he became fed up of being single.

The wedding ceremony allegedly took place in a pizzeria in Tomsk, a city in Russia.

The unnamed groom said: “At some point I realised that half of my friends were complaining about their better half, while the others were complaining about the lack of a better half.

“Love between two humans is a complicated wild thing. I was grateful that I had at least my love of food and then it came to me that actually love for food remains stable no matter what.”

He added: “Pizza would not reject you or betray you and, speaking quite frankly and sincerely, I love it.”

PAY-Man-Marries-Pizza 3 (CEN)

Russian authorities refused to officially register the marriage and the church also turned down the 22-year-old’s unusual request.

The restaurant presented the couple with a non-official wedding certificate while the pizza itself was covered in a bridal veil.

The news comes in the same year that an American woman called Linda married a rollercoaster named Bruce.

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