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Money-saving tips

Trying to save money whilst at Uni can seem like an impossible task, but making some simple changes will help to save more than you would think. 


When food shopping, remember, budget is best. Shop at stores like LIDL and ALDI for fantastic food at affordable prices. Try and do a weekly shop, get all of your basics and cupboard essentials. Tinned food, frozen and dry foods are great for students as they don’t go off. You can always do another shop for fresh food that you need mid-week. 


Cook food yourself. To some, this may seem like a daunting task, but cooking your own food will save you tonnes of money. Create your lunches for the week and get into batch cooking, so that dinners for the week are super quick. Putting in some effort at the beginning of the week will save you time and money later on. 


Invest in a re-useable coffee cup and water bottle. Not only will this save you a HUGE amount of money, but it is great for the environment. 


If you are heading out for a good night, start drinking with your friends before you go out. You could even stay in and create your own ‘night in’ with drinks, snacks and music, saving money in all areas. 


Making a good first impression is very important to lots of people. How we dress can say a lot, but that doesn’t mean you need a new outfit for every night out, and event you go to. Have a search in your local charity shops, students live locally and they will be the ones donating. Or you could try clothes swaps with your friends, you’ll be surprised how different a top can look on different people. 


The word discount, to a student, is a fantastic thing to hear. Whether its a student discount at your favourite drugstore, student discount on a new top, or even generic discounts in any way shape or form. If it saves you money, then embrace it.

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