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Random things for which St George is actually a patron

Most of us know St George as the patron saint of England – but he’s also got links with other countries, animals and professions. The patron of a baffling range of things, from the plague to Ethiopia, St George is immortalised around the globe. Here’s a list of seemingly random things for which St George is a patron:


England and London




Sheep, shepherds and butchers




Corinthians, the Brazilian football team




Ethopia, Malta and Moscow




Lepers, leprosy and the plague




Georgia, Greece and the Netherlands




Serbia, Montenegro and Lithuania




Skin diseases, syphilis and herpes




Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Army and Lithuania




Soldiers, archers, knights and scouts




Bavaria, Freiburg, Heide and Haldern, Germany




Palestine, Palestinian Christians and Romani people




Field workers, farmers and husbandmen




Portugal, the Portuguese Army and the Portuguese Navy




Genoa, Ferrara, Reggio Calabria, Gozo, Modica and Sicily, Italy




Equestrians, horsemen, horses, riders and cavalry




Aragon and Catalonia, Spain




Armourers and saddle makers




Crusaders and Teutonic Knights


Crusaders Games



Constantinople, Cappadocia, Lod, Beirut and Lebanon




Slovenia, Piran, and Ptuj




Chivalry and the Order of the Garter



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