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Both options have their pros and cons, but below we’ve listed some of the top reasons we think living in a modern student residence as fab as u-student’s ABeleven wins hands down over renting privately:

  1. No need to look for furniture and hire vans for moving because you don’t have to bring any furniture, it’s all provided for you

When you move into u-student’s accommodation you have all you need from day one to start feeling like you’re at home. You will have the use of a modern living room and kitchen/dining area as well as your own fully equipped bedroom with a bed, wardrobe, desk, storage areas and an en-suite bathroom! All the furniture is modern, functional and the bedrooms are really attractive spaces to spend time in whether relaxing, socialising or studying.

  1. No mouldy/swirly style 70s carpets in site

Your surroundings do have an impact on your wellbeing as well as your ability to relax after a hard day at uni, so all our rooms come with modern and simple flooring that won’t make your head spin or make it difficult to wind down. Carpets are pretty unhygienic anyway and hide all sorts of nasties in them and who has time for vacuuming, when there’s study and fun to be had?!

  1. You don’t need to think about bills

Typically when you rent a flat, you will pay monthly or quarterly bills. Paying bills takes time and sometimes things can go amiss and you may forget to pay on time. When living at u-student’s ABeleven accommodation, all the bills are taken care of for you. So one less thing to worry about! Believe me you will have plenty of time in your later years to have fun paying bills! Until then enjoy not having to think about them.

  1. You can sleep safely knowing you have your very own security 24/7

You may not want to think about this, but flat break-ins and thefts are more common than not, especially in private accommodation. In a student accommodation block, we have security staff on site 24/7, so the likelihood of a break-in is very unlikely. One less thing to worry about.

  1. Store your mode of transport on site

Whether you bike or drive your own car, we have spaces on site to store your bike or park your car. Daily car park charges can be pricey and we offer very competitive prices to park your car. Bike storage is free. Just ask us!

  1. Maintenance team on-site

In the unlikely event of anything going wrong with your room, our facilities team will take care of it quickly and efficiently. In older accommodation, there’s more likelihood of the shower not working, or heaven forbid, the heating packing in! Many of these are common annoyances of living in a flat. And when you rent privately, you need to contact the landlord and then wait and wait for a repair person to come out, first for an inspection and later, often much later, before the repairs finally get done. Sometimes it can take weeks! And who fancies having cold showers for a week? We have our facilities team on site, which means things can get done quickly with minimal disturbance.

  1. Student accommodation is much more sociable than private flats

When you rent privately, most likely your neighbours won’t be students, but families, working professionals or the elderly. When you live in an exclusive student accommodation development such as u-student’s ABeleven, there may be more than 200 students who can become your lifelong friends! And often many of the students come from countries outside of the UK, so you get the chance to learn about cultures different from your own and who knows you may even get invited to visit them in their home country! The opportunities for wonderful friendships are much more readily available when living in a student accommodation blocks than when renting privately.


I hope the above gives some food for thought and gives you a clear mind to concentrate on your studies in an environment that is designed for your needs and with a diversity of people who will add to your enjoyment in the year ahead.

Posted in: Student Life