Decorating your Uni room

There are hundreds of ways to decorate your Uni room to make your space feel like home.

Obviously, there are some restrictions on decorating your Uni room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. We’ve got some simple tips and tricks to make your space feel like home.

Storage boxes- a lack of space means your room can seem messier than it is. Label storage boxes and keeping everything tidy is a great idea. 

Nice bedding- most uni rooms don’t allow you to stick things on walls, so your bedding is a great way of getting personality and colour into your room. 

A cosy blanket- for those days when you feel a bit blah, those days when you’re missing home and those days when you’re well… a little chilly. 

Extra lighting- A quirky lamp, some funky fairy lights or even a disco ball. Student rooms normally have 1 window, so get some extra light into your room. 

Decorative bits- Every though you can’t paint your walls, you can decorate them with sticky velcro strips or use your notice board. Really make it your home and put your personality into the room. 

Memory board- have a space in your room with photos, flyers, invites, postcards. A place with lots of happy memories. 

A mirror- even though most uni rooms have a mirror, you may not like the lighting where it is. Take an extra mirror with a stand that you can move and use in various places. 

Plants- bring the outside in and create your own little garden (in pots obviously). These not only give you a bit of greenery in your student room but create a bit of responsibility. 

Desk storage- a tidy workspace is a tidy mind. Keeping all of your stationery and books organised is important. 

Drawer organisers- You may have less space in your uni room than you had at home. Get some creative drawer spacers to keep all your stuff tidy and make use of the space you do have.

Decorating your Uni room doesn’t need to be complicated, just make sure you fill it with things you love, make you feel comfortable and remind you of home.

Check out our ‘Ultimate University Packing Checklist’ so that you don’t forget anything.

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