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Student Winter Warmers

Winter is typically wet, windy and cold. So here are some student winter warmers tips to keep you nice and toasty.

Invest in a good quality hat, scarf and gloves set for when you are out and about. While the old wives tale that we lose over half of our body head through our head may have been debunked, wrapping up can help trap and warm the air you breathe.


Several thin layers of clothing are better than one big thick layer. Again this works by trapping the air in between the layers which keep you warm.
Check out the local weather forecast information. This can keep you updated with the latest news so you’re always prepared.


Use a hot water bottle to warm up your bed before you get in at night. This doesn’t work with electric blankets though!


Get cooking! Using the oven will help keep your space warm and you can devour the treats you make (cookies are our favourite and are great to share with friends. Yum!) Hot drinks with whipped cream and marshmallows are another great alternative to warm you up.


Posted in: Student Advice | Student Life