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Sunderland Music Scene

While many students enjoy Sunderland’s cheap and cheerful club nights there is much more to the city than 50p Jagerbombs and blaring pop tunes once you scratch the surface. S ome students may not know the Sunderland Music scene is thriving

The city has long been hailed for its music scene producing global names like Field Music and Futureheads and while its at a slight cross roads (no split festival this year but a new music venue in the form of Independent 2 opening soon) there is still a wealth of live music to be enjoyed.

Many young promoters are using unusual venues and putting on shows in increasingly creative ways. For example last weekends soundscape events took place in a slew of  spots in the city including stores in The Bridges such as Lush and Krispy Kreme as well as the most conventional likes of Plugged Inn and The Ivy House.

Writer Gareth Ware wrote an excellent article on the local music scene for the This Is Fake DIY website which is well worth a read for those interested in learning more about Sunderland’s musical heritage as well as some pointers to where the scene is heading.

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