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Those first year university myths busted

Those first year university myths busted

When it comes to your first year at university, as excitement builds and moving dates get closer, many students get themselves worked up with all kinds of misconceptions. As a leading provider of student accommodation in Sunderland, Carlisle and Aberdeen, we’ve heard it all. Whilst everyone’s experience of university will differ, we’re here to debunk the most common university myths so you can enjoy your first taste of independence and the course that is likely to define your career to come in all its glory.

Your first year doesn’t count
The first year of university is always referred to as a breeze. Whilst many universities recognise that the first year is a huge leap both emotionally (the first year of uni is often a student’s first time away from home and first proper taste of independence) and academically, with many courses not including first year grades in final marks, you do have to do some work. You still need to pass the first year, which means if you wish to progress, it really does count.

You have to be rich to survive…
Whilst coping with the financial constraints that have always gone hand-in-hand with studying at university will no doubt be made more difficult by the rising tuition fees and abolition of maintenance grants, it’s important to remember that the great thing about uni is that people from all walks of life are brought together. Yes, some students will be better off than others, but with a bit of budgeting and part time employment anyone can enjoy their university experience.

…and pay for higher education
It’s not just the prospect of being unable to afford the basics while studying, future student loan repayments are deterring people from studying. Paying back your student loan isn’t the hassle it’s made out to be, you only begin making repayments once you’re earning more than £21,000 per year (a threshold that has been frozen until 2021). The amount you repay is also fixed at 9% over this threshold so you’ll never be left struggling, whatever you earn.

Freshers’ Week will define your friendship circle
From the first to final year, your university course and student accommodation will expose you to a wide range of people, which debunks the myth that the buddies you make in that short Freshers’ Week window are with you for life. As with school and college, your friendships are likely to change so don’t put too much pressure on making friends as soon as possible.

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