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Travel Tips

The summer holidays can often mean traveling the distance, be it homeward bound from your student accommodation or abroad for a break in the sun. Here are our travel tips for the trip.


Have patience. If you’ve missed your bus or the plane is delayed just remember that you will get to your destination eventually.


Back up everything. Having important documents backed up is often a wise idea in case of emergencies. You can do this on a separate hard drive or use a app.


Pack earplugs. Muffling surrounding noise can make all the difference if you plan on catching a nap during your travels.


Travel as light as you can. You don’t always know how much leg room or available storage space for your hand luggage you’ll have. Dress sensibly too in layers (you never know if the air con will be working)


Take supplies. Drinks and snacks on a journey are vital. You never know when you will get a rest stop. It’s usually cheaper to come prepared than to find yourself splashing out a fortune at the station shop on something to eat.


Take some change with you – some station bathrooms you have to pay for entry.


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