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Video Games That Will Stop You Studying (Part One)

By the time you get to university you’ll be finding plenty of excuses not to study. There’s unpacking to be done, Facebook to browse, TV you just have to see. The list. Is. Endless. Eventually cries of, ‘I can’t tonight, I’m going out with the Society’ pretty much become your catchphrase. Seriously, how do you even have time to study with that social calendar filled in from now until sometime in late March 2018? Well, if you’re still looking for a diversion, here’s our pick of the best video games to lose your life to, starting with…

World of Warcraft

WarcraftIt’s been imitated hundreds of times over, but Blizzard’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game (or MMORPG, for those who prefer abbreviations to real words) is easily the best. You can easily get lost in levelling up your character, joining other players on raids, and taking great pleasure in hacking at virtual incarnations of loud-mouth 12-year-olds who call you a n00b down the mic.





Mario Kart 8

Mario KartOne of the best games on the much-maligned and under-rated Wii U is Mario Kart 8. The game series has always been pretty solid, since it was first released for the SNES in 1992. The 2014 edition keeps everything that made the other seven games a joy to play with friends – unless they use the blue shell on you, in which case, they aren’t your friends. The graphics too are, frankly, stunning. Anyone who tells you not to buy a Wii U has never played Mario Kart 8 – and also probably isn’t human.





SkyrimIf you don’t go in for multiplayer games, Skyrim is your best bet. The open-world is massive, the combat is slick as hell, and the engaging story is about as close to literature as you’re likely to see on the last-gen consoles. At first glance it may seem like just another cliché fantasy epic (trolls – check, dragons – check, wizards who aren’t Gandalf – check) but Skyrim is a technological landmark; a living, breathing world filled with non-playable characters (NPC’s for the word-averse) that you’ll actually end up caring for.



Call of Duty

CoDOk, Call of Duty has a bad rep. It does have pretty much the worst community of gamers in the world, and that’s largely because it’s a community of seven-year-olds who shouldn’t even be playing and… Wait – How the hell did he get a headshot from that distance, the camping son-of-a-b… But CoD’s online matches can be devastatingly addictive. Especially when you find yourself staying on for one more game so you can unlock the AK-47.




Minecraft 01Ah, Minecraft – or virtual Lego, as its detractors call it – is the biggest game on the planet right now. So big that Microsoft has just bought the studio that makes it for an eye-watering $2.5bn – imagine how many student loans that could pay off! Minecraft is perfect whether you’re looking to create awesome worlds or just hang out chatting with your pals.






Whatever you’re playing, and whoever you’re playing with, you want to be comfortable in your digs while gaming. That’s why here at U-Student we offer high-quality, modern student accommodation in Newcastle, Sunderland and Carlisle. Contact us today on +44 (0) 1228 592 594 or email admin@u-student.com and discover what we can offer you.

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