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a level results day

What to expect from A-Level results day

The big day is almost upon us! After years of hard work and what seems like an age waiting, A-Level results day is closer than ever. One of the most important, and pivotal, days you’ll face in your academic career so far, we’re certain that you’re of the mind-set that the 17th August 2017 couldn’t come quick enough but with promise also comes that nerve wracking anticipation. Results day may be the end of a period of endless exams and intense learning but it could be the start of another huge step – university.

Preparing for every eventuality come results day is important, that’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate rundown of what to do if you exceed, meet or miss your firm or insurance offers, or if you decide university isn’t right for you at all.

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I met or even exceeded my firm offer
Well, congratulations, you’re the proud owner of your preferred university place! If you achieved the results you need to secure your firm offer place then all that’s left to do is log into your UCAS account to view the offer as ‘accepted’ and wait for your confirmation letter to arrive via post. If the UCAS track status doesn’t state ‘accepted’ straight away, don’t worry, the university must honour its offer if you have achieved the specified grades. If, for whatever reason, you decide your firm offer place isn’t right for you, simply call the university direct to let them know so the place can be offered to another student.
What if you did even better than expected? UCAS’ new ‘Adjustment’ scheme will be right up your street. Using Adjustment, you can hold onto your firm offer whilst you look for another place, whether it’s an opportunity at another university or on a higher entry course.
I missed my firm but met my insurance offer
If you missed your firm offer, all isn’t lost. As well as applying for places through Clearing, you can also call the university direct and enquire about whether they would still accept you. Helpful if you are only a couple of marks off the necessary grades. In addition to this you can also revisit your insurance offer.
I missed out on my firm and insurance offers
If you didn’t meet your firm or insurance offer, there’s no need to panic. Simply log into your UCAS account to view your options; you may be able to start a course at a later date or opt for another course, known officially as an unconditional changed course or UCC. Applying through Clearing is another avenue worth exploring. Not meeting your firm and insurance offer also gives you the perfect excuse to take a year out and undertake some relevant work placements that will leave you in an even better position come next year.
University isn’t for everyone, and if it’s not for you, simply call UCAS to withdraw from all your offers, and let the gap year, further study or employment prep begin!

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