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Which student accommodation is right for you?

Types of Student Accommodation

Moving away to study at your chosen university on a course you’re passionate about is an exciting time. Your university years are often considered the best years of your life. Your experience however will be shaped by more than just where and what you study. Where you live and the people you meet along the way are defining parts of your uni experience. But with so many different types of student accommodation to choose from, how can you pick the perfect home away from home?

In this blog post, we offer the lowdown on the types of student accommodation on offer, discussing the pros and cons that will help you make the decision about where you want to live for the next three years.

Halls of residence

Many universities offer halls of residence accommodation to their students. This accommodation is either based on campus or close to the university meaning you’ll never have to travel too far to your lecture. Staying in halls of residence however isn’t for everyone.

Whilst providing a convenient location to get to class and the opportunity to make friends, places can be extremely limited. A popular choice for first year students, halls of residence can be a noisy place to live for second and third year students, who will have done a lot of their partying as freshers and will want to concentrate on their studies.

Rented houses or rooms

Renting from a private landlord can provide the independence that many students seek when moving away for university. You may however pay handsomely to rent a house as rental prices are down to the market and the private landlord’s discretion. As well as facing higher rent, you’ll also have to manage your own bills, which can be a burden for many students.

Another alternative is renting a room. Rented rooms allow you to benefit from the perks of shared accommodation. Privacy may be an issue particularly if, like in many circumstances, you don’t know the other residents.

Private student accommodation

Renting privately from a company that specialises in catering to students is another option. Offering high quality accommodation specifically designed for students, we ensure you have a great base to create a truly unforgettable university experience. All our student houses are kitted out with the mod cons you need to not just study but live your best life. They’re also centrally located, comfortable and convenient. Unlike renting from a private landlord, all bills are included when renting with us.

To discover more about our student accommodation options, browse our website or contact our team direct.

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