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World’s oldest person dies just days after gaining title

A 116-year-old woman passed away yesterday – just five days after becoming the world’s oldest person.

Having taken the title from a 117-year-old Japanese woman last week, Getrude Weaver died in Arkansas on Monday.


Born on 4 July 1898, Ms Weaver lived in Silver Oaks – a facility for senior citizens. There are now thought to be just three people alive who were born in the 1800s.

Ms Weaver enjoyed reading about being the world’s oldest person and even wanted to invite Barrack Obama, for whom she had voted for twice, to visit her.


Ms Weaver attributed her age to skin mousturiser, being kind, loving your neighbour and staying clear of fast food.

She did not smoke or drink, while records suggest that she could have been even older than her verified age.

The oldest known person is now Jeralean Talley, who was born on 23 May 1899.


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