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Your survival guide to Freshers' Week

Your survival guide to Freshers’ Week

We couldn’t talk preparing for university without mentioning Freshers’ Week, the perfect introduction to university life, whatever your chosen course or university. Participating in Freshers’ Week is an ideal way to get to know your uni, your university town or city, and the people that you’ll be spending the next three (or more) years of your life with. Use the practical tips detailed below to make the most of all that Freshers offers and kick off your first year in style.

Have a healthy budget for week one

Budgeting is a must for all students, but gathering extra funds to enjoy all that Freshers’ Week has to offer is highly recommended. Even if you’re not a huge party animal, Freshers comes with an array of unforeseen and essential costs that just wouldn’t have been apparent when you sat down to devise your very sensible budget. From Freshers’ passes providing access to must-visit student events to the discounted text books available at Freshers’ fairs, putting a bit more cash aside for week one will stand you in good stead for the rest of term and ensure you don’t miss out on anything!

Don’t hold back

Whilst going to university is often portrayed as the perfect time to reinvent yourself, being true to you is one survival tip that many say shouldn’t be compromised on. Fabrications about life at home or even the use of accents or impersonations (yes, really) will come back to bite you, so just be yourself and enjoy! Remember you’re all in the same boat so put shyness aside and let your personality shine through. Smile and be as open as possible making an effort to remember people’s names and ask questions.

Get the boring stuff out the way

You may not have envisaged your wild Freshers’ Week sharing the same sentence as paperwork but ensuring these bits of admin are dealt with will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your experience wholeheartedly. You’ll probably spend about half a day queuing and dealing with such paperwork but once it’s done, it’s done. You’ll also be safe in the knowledge of what’s to come when your course kicks in, even in the midst of that hangover haze still lingering from the week before.

Take advantage of all the student perks

From student discounts to signing up for clubs and societies, Freshers’ Week is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all those student perks. Your university’s Freshers’ Fair is a great place to get started, so shop around and get your extracurricular on!

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