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All the latest news, reviews and events.

October 2014

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Yes you guessed it, today is Halloween! But why do we celebrate it? There must be some logical reason why kids (or adults) dress up and go round peoples doors say a poem and ask for sweets? Halloween is on the eve of a major Catholic festival, All Saints. The three days between 31st October…

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Is it possible to live with no internet?

The Internet, almost nothing is done without it nowadays. The more we rely on it, the more it seems impossible to live without it. But what would happen if suddenly for some strange reason, the internet just stopped working just like that, what would you do? Without the internet people would panic, businesses would crumble…

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Those poor Language students!

Dragging yourself out of bed to go to a grammar lesson will be one of the hardest challenges you will have to face at university if you are a Language student. Friends that study other courses will not understand the pain and agony of attending these lessons early in the morning! You will always have…

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Why should we pay to learn?

Students are rallying on campuses this week to demand that politicians hear their voices and scrap tuition fees. The week long protests that begin today on university campuses around the country will build up ahead of the general election. Those taking part in the week of action organised by the Student Assembly Against Austerity and…

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Nobody said it was easy

Studying at university can be challenging, tough and overwhelming at times but changing your attitude towards your course can make things a whole lot easier. You probably hear this constantly but be yourself. Changing the way you speak in front of important people is natural just keep calm and remember that they are people that…

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Living a footballers life

A man has been jailed after he posed as a Chelsea footballer to live a premier league lifestyle. Medi Abalimba went on a £20,000 shopping spree , stayed at top hotels and even hired a helicopter after posing as Chelsea star Gael Kakuta.  Medi Abalimba, 25, admitted multiple frauds and was sentenced to four years…

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The internet is my drug

Concerns have been raised over young people using the internet like a drug. Around 16% of young people are believe to be suffering from IAD  (Internet addiction disorder) with some spending more than 15 hours a day online a recent researched revealed. Some signs of suffering from IAD is losing track of time while on…

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Online shopper left in shock after this find!

A shopper got a nasty surprise when he opened one of his shopping bags he ordered online and discovered one of the world’s most dangerous spiders among his bananas! The Brazilian Wandering Spider, whose bite can cause death from paralysis, was delivered to the shopper’s home in south London when they ordered from Waitrose the…

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Hard Choices To Make!

Hard choices to make! Don’t worry if you still don’t know what you want to do with your life, there are other students who don’t know either. If you are confused by what you want to study at university and what career you wish to pursue – chill, it is completely normal. Very few jobs…

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How much does University cost?

Constantly worrying about your student debt is completely normal. However, the good news is you don’t have to pay back a single penny if you are earning under £21,000 a year. You can apply for a student loan to cover the tuition fees and the expensive living costs at University. The Government will also provide…

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