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How to Sleep Better

Many students struggle with getting a good night's sleep, whether it's the stress of assignments or a party which went on a bit later than usual, a whole variety of things can affect your shut-eye. We've got some tips for ensuring your night's sleep is as best as it can possibly be.

Posted in: Health | Student Life

How to Clean like a Pro

Keeping your student room clean is super important, especially with the current situation. Why not give your digs a deep clean this weekend using the simple step-by-step cleaning process we've put together?!

Posted in: Health | Student Advice

10 Budget Student Meals 

We understand that cooking may not be a major priority for most students, but eating is essential. But cooking isn't easy for everyone, we've got some fantastic student meals which are super easy and delicious. Why not try out a few recipes this week?

Posted in: Food | Student Life

Become better at studying

Yes university is a fantastic experience, and you will make amazing memories, and make lots of new friends, but ultimately you will have to work.    Planning: Get a plan together. This could be for revision, essays, making study notes or even cleaning. Getting a plan together will help you to physically see how to…

Posted in: Education | Study

Money-saving tips

We all know that students can really struggle to live on a small budget, especially when you're in a new city and living on your own. Suddenly you become aware that everything costs money and budgeting is very important. We've got some ways to save money in places you won't even of thought of.

Posted in: Money | Shopping | Student Advice

Coronavirus Update

The latest Coronavirus update from U-Student. Find useful links and information.

Posted in: Health


7 things to distract you in the run up to A Level results day

7 things to distract you in the run up to A Level results day

It's totally normal to feel a little stressed in the lead up to A-Level results day, but instead of using this time to stress, why not distract yourself with these suggestions?

Posted in: Health | Student Advice | Student Life

6 city breaks that will have you loving summer in the UK

6 city breaks that will have you loving summer in the UK

The great British weather can only be described as one thing – unpredictable. Yet with the summer months fast approaching, more and more people are planning to take a staycation by holidaying in the UK rather than travelling overseas. Last year, 57% of holidaymakers chose to take their summer holiday on home soil, and it’s not just families that are turning the UK into the ultimate ‘staycation nation’. Students on tight budgets or not wanting to stray too far from home to ensure their studies don’t get left behind completely are choosing to holiday in the UK.

Posted in: Holidays | Out and about | Student Advice | Student Life | Travel

The Festival Guide 2019

The Festival Guide 2019

Summer is almost here, which means one thing, it’s almost festival season! The UK festival scene is the most vibrant and eclectic in the world, with fans of all musical genres spoilt for choice. Wherever you live and whatever your budget, you’re certain to find a festival that’s the right fit for you. 2019 offers another year of exciting festivals and fantastic line-ups, with events up and down the country wetting our musical whistles. Here we reveal what festivals you should be looking forward to this year, how much they cost and what you can expect in our festival guide for 2019.

Posted in: Entertainment | Events | Out and about | Student Life

Which student accommodation is right for you?

Which student accommodation is right for you?

Moving away to study at your chosen university on a course you’re passionate about is an exciting time. Your university years are often considered the best years of your life. Your experience however will be shaped by more than just where and what you study. Where you live and the people you meet along the way are defining parts of your uni experience. But with so many different types of student accommodation to choose from, how can you pick the perfect home away from home?

Posted in: Education | Facts | Student Advice | Student Life