Living in Carlisle

We’ve compiled some ‘facts’ about living in Carlisle, that may be a bit exaggerated or not 100% true. But it’s only a bit of fun and you’ll probably agree with quite a few.

So again, we’ve compiled some ‘facts’ about living in Carlisle, that may be a bit exaggerated or not 100% true. But it’s only a bit of fun and you’ll probably agree with quite a few. Moving to a different city can be very scary and daunting, however, there are some things we thought you should know before making the move to Carlisle.

Carlisle is located in Cumbria, in the north of England which borders Scotland (this is all very true). However Cumbria is well known for being beautiful, hilly and well… quite quiet. You’ll probably see a lot of sheep, going on a hike is something to do, but you cannot argue that it’s a gorgeous part of the UK. If you’re looking for a lively student city that is bustling 24/7, Carlisle isn’t the place for you. 

There are some beautiful historic buildings in Carlisle, as it has been fought over for centuries, because of its proximity  to the Scottish border. The Cathedral and the Castle are probably the most popular, both of which can be found in the city centre. Both are definitely worth a visit as people will probably ask you about these when you mention Carlisle. 

McVities Biscuits are baked here. CaChing! This huge factory produces some of the UK’s most loved biscuits including Ginger Nuts and Bourbon Creams, YUM. This world famous brand has been baking biscuits in Carlisle since 1831, and if you walk past, we can guarantee you’ll be craving a biscuit and a brew in no time. 

The Lakes are a HUGE draw for lots of people living in Cumbria, and as one of the most beautiful corners of the UK, it’s easy to see why. There are lots of cute villages, beautiful rolling hills plus all the lakes (officially there is only 1, Bassenthwaite Lake, but that’s irrelevant unless you’re in a quiz, when it’ll probably come up). Carlisle is less than an hour away, it’s a fantastic day out. 

Hadrians Wall is another notable place to visit in Carlisle. The remains of the old Roman barrier which used to separate England and Scotland is a very popular tourist attraction. Even though it is rather a long walk from Carlisle City Centre, it’s a short 30 mins by car and a great photo opportunity.  

Getting around Carlisle is very easy, largely because it’s not a huge place. But if you do need to use public transport to get from A to B, there are many regular buses, taxis and trains which provide direct links to other major northern cities such as Newcastle. 

Botchergate is a name you’ll come to know. This is the place where you will spend your nights out, there are plenty of pubs, clubs bars and restaurants, plus some fantastic takeaways. Now it may not be the classiest place in the world, but this is what Carlisle has to offer students and we’re sure you’ll come to love it.

Whether you agree with all of these or not, Carlisle is 100% a great place to live and the University of Cumbria is a great place to study. Find out more about living in our other student cities here.

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