7 Ultimate Pancake Recipes

Check out these delicious pancake recipes that are perfect for students, on pancake day or even any day of the year.

Now that Valentine’s Day is over and done with, we can concentrate on the important things in life: pancakes. Also, it is actually Pancake Day. Students aren’t renowned for their cooking, but exceptions tend to be made today – although there will probably be a designated pancake maker per group. We’ve put together a list of seven heavenly pancakes for you to try.

1. American diner-style Pancakes


Simple and scrumptious. Recipe here.

2. Apple Cider Pancakes


Two of our favourite things in one. Recipe here.

3. Funfetti Pancakes


To celebrate Pancake Day, obviously. Recipe here.

4. Doughnut Pancakes


Double the deliciousness. Recipe here.

5. Chocolate Pancakes


Chocolate and more chocolate (and strawberries). Recipe here.

6. Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes


Served with a mint leaf for good measure. Recipe here.

7. Oreo Pancakes


An Oreo pancake. That is all. Recipe here.

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