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Our planet in pictures – a celebration of Earth Day (part two)

An annual event celebrated on April 22, Earth Day exists to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Established in 1970, it is held across 192 countries and encourages activities that focus on environmental issues. We’ve listed some stunning images (part one here) to highlight its importance:


21. Montreal, Canada


Montreal, Canada


22. Moselle River, Germany


Moselle River, Germany


23. Mount Gharat, Vanuatu


Mount Gharat, Vanuatu 2


24. Nardò, Italy


Nardò, Italy


25. New York and New Jersey, United States


New York New Jersey, United States


26. River Nile, Egypt


Nile River, Egypt


27. Northern Europe and the Northern Lights


Northern Europe and the Northern Lights


28. Paraná River, Brazil


Paraná River, Brazil


29. Sahara desert, Africa


Sahara Desert, Africa


30. Salar de Uyini, Bolivia


Salar de Uyini, Bolivia 2


31. Saudi Arabian desert


Saudi Arabian Desert


32. Scorpion Reef, Gulf of Mexico


Scorpion Reef, Gulf of Mexico 2


33. Shanghai, China


Shanghai, China 2


34. Sochi, Russia


Sochi, Russia


35. Southwestern Europe


Southwestern Europe


36. Spain and Portugal


Spain and Portugal


37. Texas, United States


Texas, United States


38. United States of America


United States of America


39. Vancouver, Canada


Vancouver, Canada


40. Yellow Sea, China


Yellow Sea, China 2

(All photos from NASA)

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