A Student’s Guide to Supporting Small Businesses

Supporting small businesses doesn’t have to come at a cost! There are so many ways to show your support without spending a penny.

Small businesses form a crucial part of your community and help to strengthen your local economy. There are around 6 million small businesses in the UK so let’s show them some love! There are countless ways to show your support, most of them being 100% free.

Why not take two minutes of your day to make their week? Here’s how you can support small businesses as a student:

Social media

We’re all on some sort of social media platform in this day and age. Small businesses rely on your engagement to draw in new, potential customers. Most small businesses will have a page on Facebook or Instagram. Next time they make a post, make sure to like, share and comment something nice on it. You could even tag a friend; it will mean much more to small business owners than you think!

Spread the word!

Let your family and friends know about them! We all know that a great recommendation can go far. Tell them how great the small business is, the chances are that they’ll take a look at what they’ve got to offer.

Leave a review

We cannot express how impactful leaving a review can be! We all love to read the reviews on something before we make a purchase, well it’s just the same for a small business. Leaving a positive review will influence other people when purchasing something. It lets people know that the business is legit and trustworthy.

Send them a personal message

A little message can do a lot. Why not send them a personal message about how well you think they’re doing? Something so simple can keep them motivated, knowing that people are appreciative of their hard work and efforts.

Let them know of opportunities

Maybe you know that there’s a small business market going ahead in your town some time? Let them know! Opportunities like these can help small business owners to get their name out there and there are plenty of opportunities out there that they may not know of. You could join local Facebook groups to see more about what’s going on in the community. Many of these groups post events or competitions that are happening around you, this is a perfect opportunity for you to explore the small businesses that surround you.

Purchase something

Buy their products over the bigger brands! Perhaps you’re needing a new notebook for lectures? Shop around your small, local businesses before buying from a bigger brand. We all need essential items from time to time, so you don’t necessarily need to go out of your way to purchase things from small businesses that you don’t really need. It might also be worth seeing if they sell a gift voucher you can treat someone to for a special occasion!

Small businesses will always be appreciative of any form of support you give. You can find small businesses in your area using this link.

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