10 Essential Items to take to University

It’s so difficult to remember everything you should take to uni, sometimes you forget the essentials. So here are 10 essentials to take with you.

Moving to university and worried you’re going to forget something important? Don’t worry, it’s hard to know what you should pack and what ends up a waste of space in the car (aka what you really don’t need). Instead of listing 100 + things, we’ve just focused on 10 things that are easily missed/forgotten but are essential to take with you.

So here are 10 essential items you should to take to uni!
  1. A mattress topper, especially if you fake tan as any damage/stains on the mattress normally results in a deduction of your deposit.
  2. Photos, posters and most importantly, command strips – pictures are a must, they make your room look fuller and remind you of home! Command strips are a student’s dream, it means you can put stuff on your wall without damaging the paint etc.
  3. Coat hangers, one of the easiest things to forget!
  4. Vacuum storage bags if you’ve got loads of clothes. It means you can keep more clothes at at uni but store them under your bed ready for when you need them. 
  5. Slippers/sliders – these are a MUST! You don’t want to be going into the kitchen barefoot, so you want something easy to slide on.
  6. Plug in air fresheners/reed diffusers/ oil diffusers. You aren’t allowed candles in uni accommodations so these are the best alternatives to keep your room smelling amazing. 
  7. Batteries/ portable chargers. This ones pretty self explanatory but most people forget to pack batteries and you just never know when you need them. Portable chargers are always a must to have just in case. 
  8. Pack of cards/drinking games. Great to break the ice during freshers with some fun card games! 
  9. Small clothes airer. This will save you on having to pay for the dryer.
  10. Tupperware/ lunch boxes. Another one which is easy to forget about but so essential for storing leftovers for your lunches etc. On a student budget you will definitely want to remember to make extra for your lunch tomorrow so you can save on the pennies. 

Our students at U-student don’t have to worry about buying everything for the kitchen as our kitchens come fully equipped. To find out what’s included click here.

In the exciting adventure that is university life, being prepared can make all the difference. As you embark on this new chapter, don’t let the stress of packing overshadow the thrill of new experiences. Our list of 10 essential items to take to uni aims to help your packing process and ensure you’re well-equipped for the journey ahead. 

Good luck and of course have fun!

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