DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Uni Students

Since Halloween Costumes are becoming a little more regular fancy dress than well.. scary, we thought we’d give you some inspo.

Looking for a show-stopping costume, iconic duo or group costume idea? You’ve come to the right place! We all know the struggle of finding DIY Halloween costume ideas, so we’ve taken our favourite ones to make it easier for you!

Here are the DIY Halloween costume ideas you’ve been looking for:

For one person

Shrek – unleash your inner makeup artist to transform yourself and pair it with a white tank top, belt and brown trousers.

Tomb Raider – a costume where you don’t need to do your hair, just stick it up in a messy ponytail. Throw on a pair of shorts or cargo trousers with a khaki tank top.

Bratz Doll – perfect if you’re wanting to do a full glam makeup look to pair with a pretty outfit.

Bob Ross – if you’re prepared to carry a paintbrush and easel around with you all night whilst wearing a curly wig then this one is for you. 

Bay Watch – red shorts, a yellow t-shirt, a pair of sunglasses and a whistle. That’s it.

Colonel Sanders (KFC) – this is honestly just an excuse to grab a 10 piece family feast bucket on your way to the party. Obviously, pair it with a red and white stripey apron.

Willy Wonka – a top hat, a purple longline blazer and a walking stick. That’s all you need!

Queen of Hearts – grab yourself a pack of playing cards to make a homemade crown and pair it with a red skirt and a black top.

A (literal) party animal – throw on some cat ears with some funky glasses and rave paint.

Rosie the Riveter – all you’ll need is a denim jumpsuit and a red bandana (oh and muscles).

Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” – pair a back top or bodysuit with some black rabbit ears.

The old Kylie Jenner – obvs we’re talking about the blue hair phase.

Iconic Duos

Harry Potter & Ron Weasley – dig out your old Hogwarts uniform and make sure your wand plays ball.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse – get yourself a pair of mouse ears and some red polka dot clothing.

Barbie & Ken – going for a glam look? Throw on your best clothes, make sure your hair’s looking sleek and your makeup is over the top.

Sportacus & Stephanie – you know how it goes! Sportacus wears a blue tracksuit and Stephanie wears a pink cheerleading dress.

Jasmine & Aladdin – arrive in style on your flying carpet. Halloween is a great excuse to dress up as Disney princesses/princes.

Danny & Sandy (Grease) – grab your leathers and style your hair like it’s the 50’s.

Troy & Gabriella (HSM) – get your head in the game and perform the iconic ‘breaking free’ scene. You’ll need a white tracksuit and a lab coat.

Mario & Luigi – one red t-shirt, one green t-shirt and two pairs of dungarees and you’re all set.

Group Costumes

The purge – the beauty of this one is that you can literally wear anything with the purge masks.

Money Heist – you’ll all need red jumpsuits and a mask.

Donna & The Dynamos – ready to take to the stage? Stick your shiny flared trousers on and wow the crowd.

Football Team – think you can win the next world cup? Gather your friends together and form a football team.

Peaky Blinders – flat caps with suits, nothing else required.

M&M’s – possibly the best option for Halloween on a budget. Grab some different coloured t-shirts and some t-shirt transfer paper to transfer the letter ‘M’ on them.

Festival Goers – get your festival clothes back out even though you packed them away now that summer’s over.

H2O mermaids – what you always dreamed of as a child, just make yourself a mermaid tail (one that you can walk in).

Toy Story green soldiers – you’ll need some khaki cargo trousers, a khaki top and some face paints.

What DIY Halloween costume ideas will you try for Halloween? Tag us in your Halloween outfits on social media! Make sure to visit our blog page to read more student tips and advice.

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